Summer makeup tips to look radiant and glowing

Summer makeup tips to look radiant and glowing
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Summer seasons can be sweaty and hot and hence not a very good season for makeup as the sweat may make you look greasy and oily if you are working out and have to travel in the heat each and every day. There are various ways through which you can put on makeup even in the hottest days and can look bright and radiant without any sweat or oil. If you look up the internet you will see that there are loads of summer makeup tips available which will help you immensely on your attempt to put up makeup while going out to work in the morning and also going to any parties or clubbing in the summer nights.

Day summer makeup and night summer makeup – know the difference

In summer seasons you must know how to put on day makeup and how to apply makeup for night. Day summer makeup and night makeup are not the same. You can find about the difference between the day makeup and the night makeup by surfing online as there will be numerous articles online which will give you large amount of information stating how differently you should apply day makeup and night makeup.

When you are going out in the morning to colleges or at work you should apply makeup in very specific way using certain makeup products and sticking to certain shades. But unlike the day summer makeup you can add on some more colors and apply makeup quite differently when you are getting ready for a summer night out for clubbing, movies, friends handout or just dinner in a nice restaurant.

Few common steps between day summer makeup and night summer makeup

As you know by now is that day summer makeup is pretty different than the night makeup but there are few basic steps which remain the same for both day and night summer makeup. First and foremost before applying makeup irrespective of the fact that it is day makeup or night summer makeup you must clean your face properly by washing it with a mild yet effective face wash. It is highly recommended for people will oily skin to use an oil control face wash or a medicated face wash for acne and other skin rashes. If you can use herbal or organic face wash it will be best for your skin.

Next comes toning the pores of your skin for which you should use a good quality toner so as to close the pores of your face which generally opens after washing your face and also after scrubbing. If you have oily skin, then opt for an astringent or a toner specifically for oily skin. Oily skin people should be very careful as any harmful chemical and you will have pimples, acne and rashes covering your face in no time.

After toning it is time to moisturize your skin with a mild and good quality moisturizer so that the facial skin gets proper nourishment and hydrate properly. Even if you have oily skin you must use an oil control or oil free moisturizer.