Fitness success secrets

Fitness success secrets

Motivation is when your dreams put on sweat pants.

If you want to attain, then don’t complain…even your garbage disposal has a diet better than 30% of the people in the world.

If you feel “dog tired” at night, perhaps you were growling all day…your face is like a mirror…it reflects your attitude.

15% of any workout is better than 100% of the workout you put off until tomorrow.

The greatest possession you have is the 24 hours directly ahead of you…use it or lose it.

Falling down doesn’t make you a failure…but staying down does…if you try you have already WON.

To be upset over the body you don’t have is to waste the body you do have…be the best that YOU can be.

Procrastination about doing your workout takes just about as much energy as doing the workout itself.

Situations can stop you “temporarily”, but only you can stop yourself permanently…keep your positive momentum moving!

If you want to make an easy workout seem mighty difficult…just keep putting it off!

Sometimes we are so busy counting our troubles…we forget to add up our blessings…be grateful you even have a TV to watch this show!

Parking lot fitness…Park near & you’ll keep a big rear…park away and in shape you’ll stay…every little bit counts.

The smallest action is far better than the greatest intention…quit babbling and just do it!

Some people succeed because they are destined, but most because they are determined to…never lose sight of your goals.

You become successful the instant you take a step moving toward a goal.

It is not how many hours you put into a workout…but how much workout you put into those hours!

Choice, not chance, determines your body’s destiny. It is your choice to be fit…or fat. It’s an easy choice!