Raw Food Detox: Eating For Energy Program Review

Raw Food Detox: Eating For Energy Program Review

Most people these days know exactly what the benefits are for eating raw foods and following this type of diet . Some people who feel forced into following such a program lose interest quickly compared to people who already enjoy eating these types of foods . That’s one I think a disadvantage as pertaining to raw food diet plans around the market. But still, it’s all about the person’s passion of living a healthier lifestyle – whether he like it or not, being healthy requires discipline and it takes time for the results to come . You might as well throw your money out the door if you aren’t fully committed to the diet plan .

Eating For Energy program helps you to not only lose weight but also stay energetic no matter what age you’re in especially if you’re suffering from long term ailments. Focusing on the consumption of plant-based foods in the fundamental of the raw food diet as it promotes eating these types of foods increase energy levels .

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While the program’s basis is food, Eating For Energy only recognizes vegan-based diet or vegetarian diet including tons of legumes, nuts, fruits and vegetables and all natural raw ingredients . Yuri then helps you to strictly focus on eating healthy rather than always cheating from calories, fat grams and bad sugars you’ve done previously.

Program Details:

Eating for Energy explains the importance of consuming raw foods high in minerals and essential nutrients . Ultimately, this plan composes of 12-week meals, juice guide and also smoothies plus lists of 12 “super foods” which should be consumed on a day to day basis following all food combination to gain best results .

Also, Yuri proclaims that this program would be useless for boosting energy without allowing your body to move on the outside . And this is where Eating For Energy thus includes an exercise program which also teaches what to eat before workout and after you workout as well . Additionally, workout foods are the ones who could let you stay hydrated especially under the sun and foods helpful for performance and recovery such as whole food recipes.

Pros and Cons:

One of the most popular diets these days is the raw food diet . Probably the best guide to eating raw foods out there is Yuri Elkaim’s Eating for Energy book . While Yuri’s definitely an expert with regards to healthy eating, Eating For Energy is one of the must-haves when it comes to environment-friendly diet plans and exercise programs nowadays.

On the other hand, Eating For Energy as I said requires strict raw diet which may also drive others crazy in the long term especially for those who are not purely vegan in their eating lifestyle. This is no doubt a pretty hard practice that you too might learn to adjust from to gain best results . Also, Eating For Energy might not deny other minimal side effects with regards to diet rebound for those who’ve gone from tremendous bad eating habits to getting purely raw.


Eating For Energy book is no doubt at its best to recommend healthy and proper eating to most dieters around who’ve always been practicing different fad diets which may not emphasize right food combination, timing and kinds of foods to eat. Strict discipline may be required for some people and food preparation and exercise are certainly required for this type of diet . Some may last in the program on a long term basis but some may not. Well, just one quick reminder: before you even pursue a program, make sure you know you’ll be happy sustaining it and experiencing its best results in the future.

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